For the Out-of-Towner

Don’t live in Los Angeles? No problem!

Dr. Saadat is an internationally renowned surgeon and sees patients from all over the world. They fly to him! His offices and the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute are located in the heart of Beverly Hills near 5-star accommodations, restaurants and the shopping of Rodeo Drive.


Prior to a booking a procedure, clients should send photos of the area to be treated to our offices via email or mail. Dr. Saadat will evaluate needs, provide a pre-quote and call or email for a consultation prior to arrival.


Once a patient arrives, we recommend scheduling an in-person consultation, which can often be done on the same day of the procedure. Patients may fly home the next day. We are happy to arrange transportation to and from the airport, hotel and our facility.

Our goal is to ensure that your stay in Beverly Hills is a relaxing, enjoyable one. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 310.247.9090 for further assistance.


Dr. David Saadat