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From Maryann L., Huntington Beach, CA
Maryann Lundstrom is a 55 year old female with bilateral nasal wall collapse. She was treated by Dr. Saadat with bilateral Spirox Latera Implants on April 12, 2017. This testimonial was taken 3 months post procedure. 













From Jessica D., San Fernando, CA
Go to Dr. Saadat! You will not regret it. I had rhinoplasty done with him and I am so happy with my results. He cares about his patients and I feel that’s one of the most important things to feel when finding the right plastic surgeon. There were procedures I wanted done but he was honest and said no because it will affect my breathing issues. Before going into surgery I remember him going over everything that was going to be done. I felt safe and secure with him. He let me know that it is going to look good. He did not fail to disappoint me. His skills are amazing. I definitely recommended my friends to go to him. Thanks to Dr. Saadat I now have the confidence to stand from any angle & not cover up my face with my hands.

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From Darren S., New York

Originally, I came to Dr. David Saadat complaining about my allergies/sinuses thinking I could get a prescription for allergy shots. I just moved from NYC and had been administered shots to solve my allergy problems for the past 5 years. After taking X-Rays he found that I had a terrible deviated septum. My nostrils were so bad they collapsed every time I took a breath through my nose. The X-rays also revealed that I had years of build up in my sinus cavity that was causing me all sorts of trouble. He suggested that I stop with the shots and fix the septum.

Now 7 months after the procedure, I am loving life. I see a huge difference in my health. I notice I sleep sounder and wake up refreshed. I have had one sinus infection since the surgery where as before i would get one at least once a month. I am a singer and my overall tone has become brighter and less muffled (because i am not GASPING for a breath). I would defiantly suggest Dr. David Saadat if you want a doctor that is no BS, efficient, and friendly.

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Skye R., Los Angeles

Sadly, I was born hideous. But I was lucky enough to be accidentally smashed in the face with a metal bar at work. Because of workman’s comp, I got my pick of any doctor I wanted to fix my broken nose. After a lot of research, I found that Dr. Sadaat was the most qualified, most recommended guy in Beverly Hills, and that’s saying something!

Not only is he a gifted cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sadaat is first and foremost, a doctor. He corrected a sinus problem while he was fixing the break and making me prettier. His credentials are impressive — double-board certified, a professor at USC Medical Center — the list goes on and on. He travels around the world fixing underprivileged children’s cleft palates and he’s done shows like Extreme Makeover. He’s got it all!

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Princess M, Los Angeles

Best doctor in Beverly Hills… Dr. Saadat specializes in Rhinoplasty and Brazilian Butt lift. His results are amazing. I went to four doctors before choosing him. His bedside manner is by far the best. Dr. Saadat’s knowledge and understanding of what I wanted really impressed me. Dr. Saadat and his staff are very supportive. I am so happy with my results.

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Tony S., Los Angeles

Very happy! I had my deviated septum corrected by Dr. David Saadat and it was a breeze! Little to no pain & faster recovery time than my brother or any of my friends described from other doctors. There definitely is a difference. It’s really worth it to go to a doctor with the skills. My mom was in the waiting room on the day of the surgery and met people that came from South Orange County to have Dr Saadat do their procedures.

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Ally N., Leona Valley, CA

This is the best place you could choose to get any type of work done! The staff there is absolutely phenomenal. My boyfriend and I are still very impressed with this place. Dr. Sadaat and Dr. Karindian are both amazing doctors who are very thorough with their work and they don’t rush you when you have questions or criticize you in any way. I have already referred several of my girlfriends to this office for their work. I am excited to be able to work with them again if the time ever comes! Thank you Dr. Sadaat and Dr. Karindian for the lovely work you did. I couldn’t be happier! And thank you Danielle for being the sweetest woman behind the scenes!

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